Olympic Peninsula Fishing

The Olympic Peninsula Rainforest is a step back into time - unspoiled, remote and beautiful. 

The boats used are also old school - non motorized drift boats to put you in touch with the river and its surroundings.

The rivers are short, the fish are bright and strong.  The size of these fish can rival any in the state of Washington. 

Local accommodations are plentiful and inexpensive, a long drive from Seattle is not required

Olympic Peninsula Fishing SPECIES and SEASONS:
Summer-run             June - early October
Steelhead: Winter-run            
   Late November  - April
Salmon:     Silvers - Coho       
    Late July - November
                 Chinook - King         May
- mid July and Late September-November 
Sea-Run Cutthroat:             
    June 1st--October   

Olympic Peninsula Maps:

  Hoh River Map - Click to Enlarge

  Sol Duc River Map - Click to Enlarge

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